Gun reviews I write are not written by a gun expert. I'm the average guy who's spent some money and time finding guns and ammo that work for me, my life and budget. Some times I own (or have owned) the gun, other times I've just used the thing at the local shooting range or even simply checked it out at the local gun show. I'm simply trying offer tips that might save you time or money - or maybe even simply give you the chance to agree/disagree.

If you have anything you'd like to add (your own favorites, experiences, mistakes you'd like to point out, whatever), please join in the discussion by leaving your own comment at the end of any review. If you're interested in writing a full review, just click on "Contact" above.)

My objective is to help the "average" person buy their next - or first - gun, somebody who just stepped into this gun thing and is looking for a few pointers. Maybe you'll only ever have one gun, maybe you're actively looking to collect one of each caliber - but regardless, maybe by reading this, you'll sidestep the mistakes I've made and benefit from the research I've conducted. (And, maybe you just bought one and you're simply looking for positive feedback to make you feel good about your purchase. I find myself doing that; I'll go buy something then look for somebody who has it and loves it - somehow it's rewarding... but... I digress). I just figure that if you're reading this, you're looking to buy a gun so maybe my experience can help you form a more informed decision, one that'll guarantee no "buyer's remorse" on the way home from the gun show.

I'll start with my favorite gun on the planet, the CZ75.