CZ 75 B - A Typical Guy's Thoughts

Here's the bottom line upfront: I friggin' love this gun. It's my favorite of the handguns I've had a little experience with - and here's why:

I've got the "B" version (it's a 9mm Luger) and from I understand, this is pretty much the basic model (hence, the "B," I suppose). From looking through their catalog, it's pretty obvious that the CZ makers have rightly capitalized on the success of this terrific gun by spinning off tons of versions. You can get it for lefties, in myriad calibres, with de-cocker and without, in this barrel length or that.... Holy smokes, there's a lot of variation here (with prices fluctuating to match). I bring this up in case you're reading this thinking "Yeah, that's great - its a great gun, now I've heard that enough to believe it - but I need a rail or larger caliber." Well, if these guys at CZ can put out one this good - personally, I'd look into their other wares - definitely putting anything sporting their logo at the top of my list.

I bought this gun for home defense - and I did so only after taking a "how to shoot for dummies"-style course at the local range where the owner allowed me to shoot several models in order to pick a favorite. Then and now the 75 is my hands-down favorite. Sure, there are more modern models with all kinds of bells and whistles - but, to me, this thing is so classic and so accurate, that it sits to this day on a virtual pedestal in my mind. (And to give you an idea of the solid reputation this thing has amongst even gun dealers themselves, when I went to the gun store and mentioned that I'd tried out several models, the guy behind the counter said without hesitation, "Let me guess, you want the CZ75, right?")

1) It looks like a bad-ass gun to my middle-aged eyes and I've always preferred this particular outline. You know, the same overall look as sported by the Beretta 92. That "look" as opposed to favoring the classic lines of the 45, for instance. The problem with the Beretta 92 is that it's just too darn big for my scrawny hands. The grip/handhold on the CZ75 has less circumference - the Beretta feels more like a hog leg and as much as I love the looks of the gun, it just doesn't fit my hand as well. (This and the fact that I've heard grumblings about it not being all that reliable. I don't know this for myself, so if you've had other experiences with the 92, please advice via comments below.

2) Price and a solid name for reliability. They've sold over a million of these things and the CZ75 is well-known for dependability and solid construction. Plus... you can always find the thing - everywhere - at a reasonable price. (Interesting to note, and anecdotally, that gun retailers universally threw their noses into the air at some large, local gun show I attended as I asked them about CZ in general. I later found that it was the gun reps that were not liked, something about the relationship between gun maker and seller. The negative feelings were never about the guns themselves.)

3) Accuracy and reliability. Granted this was just my experience and it's based on a single day of shooting - but this gun was more accurate than my brother's Glock 9mm. It was pretty obvious that I was hitting more pop cans with the 75 in my hands than with the Glock. Also - I may not be the most experienced gunman in the world - but one thing becomes obvious to all real quick: It's a real pain in the butt to buy some ammo (at Walmart, the gunshow, or whatever), bring it home - and find out that your gun hates the stuff. It's disappointing, it wastes my time and money - it's just a pain. Well, the CZ75, I really believe, would shoot wadded up toilet paper if I stuffed it in there. Man, this thing NEVER jams - I've never had it stove pipe or flub up even once.

What would I get if I was going to get another 9mm? I've got my eyes on the Sig - it's got the rail that the CZ doesn't have (I don't think "rails" were something anybody was considering back in 1975 - that's apparently a new deal and something to consider should I ever want to strap on a light or laser). More importantly, I've picked the thing up at a gun show or two - and a) it feels like quality like none of the others and b) The grip feels like it was made for me personally. (And of course, I've gotta factor in Sig's excellent reputation, too. Sig Sauer Mosquito debacle aside - but more on that in a future post.)


I enjoyed reading your CZ 75 review. Be careful though, **chuckle**, once a
CZ lives at your house all of his brothers, sisters, uncles and aunts want to
come visit too. Read on...

I found the CZ 75 "just fit" when I compared it to some of the more popular,
striker fired guns like Glock. Bought the CZ 75 B (the B stands for firing
pin Block by the way). Ran it hard at the range, and just really liked
shooting it.

Well, that was the beginnings of becoming a CZ nut, wanting to pick up other
guns they make. I got a used CZ P-01, it has the front rail to attach a
light (you can pick it up instead of buying the Sig). It's smaller than the
CZ 75, about the same size as a Glock 19. With the rail with a light on it
you have a solid home defense gun.

Well, then I decided to get my concealed carry (my son turned 21 and wanted
to get his, so I figured why not). That led me to the CZ 2075 RAMI. Nice
little Subcompact about the same length as Glock 26 but thicker (I keep
comparing to a Glock, because I find most people are familiar with those).
I've been shooting it almost exclusively of late just to get proficient at
firing that little 3 inch barrel accurately, and it is quite the challenge.
Not the gun's fault, just my inexperience with such a short sight radius.
The gun does it's job, I just have to practice to do mine.

Then, being a history buff, I started looking at the older firearms CZ made
back in the day. That led me to a CZ 82 in a local pawn shop (it's about the
size of the surplus Makarovs you see today like the Polish P64). Shoots a
9MM Makarov. Cool gun, pretty cheap to own and not too expensive to shoot
since you can find 9mm Makarov easily.

So, then I went a little further back in time and found the CZ 70 at a gun
show. It was in good shape, showed wear and use, but good bore and clean
overall. It shoots .32 ACP, yeah, a tiny little round. But the cool factor
(it looks like the Wlather James Bond uses) is definitely there.

I then stumbled on the VZ58 or VZ2008 as the version is known here in the US.
It looks like an AK, but it is not, none of the parts are interchangeable.
It's like the Czechs were told by the Soviets to use the AK, looked at it and
said "Nyet, we make better gun." Don't have it in my hands yet, it's on

Lastly, I'm on the hunt for a CZ 52, which is their Tokarev equivalent.
Plenty of those floating around on gun broker, but taking my time to find a
good deal.

This was a long comment just to share some CZ love with you. Hope you keep
enjoying the CZ.